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Companies and organisations that trust our work:

Enjoying the load off worrying about image processing on my end.

Ben Boughton, Satamap, Australia

Wow! The moment even my mom can classify petabytes in seconds on her very old computer is getting closer. Just need to teach her Javascript.

Stef Lhermitte, Twitter

I really appreciate the fast support you provide every time we encounter an issue. You have a good product and a great attitude ! Becoming your clients was one of the best decisions we took at Gamaya. Thank you.

Dragos Constantin, Gamaya

As a farmer, I very seldom buy a tool and while I'm working with it I realize that it is worth much more than I paid for. And then I smile every time I see it in my toolbox. This is one of those times. When my subscription expires, I'm renewing it for 3 years! Keep it up, you guys are great to work with.

Jannie Vos, South Africa