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The Sentinel Hub is enabling you to access your own data stored on your S3 bucket with the powerful Sentinel Hub API. Since data remain on your bucket, you keep full control over it. This functionality requires no replication of the data and enables you to exploit full power of the Sentinel Hub service including the Custom algorithms.

Simple Process

The following process will help you to unleash this functionality:

  • Store your raster data in COG format on your own S3 bucket.
  • Configure the bucket's permissions so that Sentinel Hub can read them.
  • Use ingestion API to create index.
  • Use the services with your data.


This functionality is currently supported on:

  • AWS EU-1 (Frankfurt) region
  • AWS US-West-2 (Oregon) region
  • Mundi Web Services (coming later)
  • CreoDIAS (coming later)
  • ONDA (coming later)
  • WEkEO (coming later)

We want performance with your data to be best, which is why it needs to be close to our services.

Which data can be used

This functionality is useful for the following data:

  • satellite imagery
  • aerial imagery
  • machine learning results
  • any other raster data

Technical information

Get in Touch

Contact us to make this happen with your data! For more information see our FAQ under the "Bring Your Own Data" section. You can also contact us on our Forum.