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Sentinel-2 NDVI Maps


Sentinel app for Android

The Sentinel-2 NDVI Maps application presents the current NDVI* map based on Sentinel-2 data, provided by Copernicus. The following imagery layers are available:

  • Open Street Map layers for general browsing
  • Sentinel 2 NDVI imagery
  • Sentinel 2 EVI imagery
  • Sentinel 2 true color imagery
  • Sentinel 2 false color imagery
  • Sentinel 2 layers have a minimum zoom level limit.

They will only show on high zoom levels. This means that while you may zoom in as much as you want, it will not be possible to view very large areas. Sentinel 2 layers also display only the latest image data with at most 20% cloud coverage. The in-app payment will allow access to the following advanced features for one year after purchase:

  • Sentinel 2 layers have a minimum zoom level of 12 which corresponds to four times the viewable surface area of the free version.
  • Time shift functionality allowing you to choose which dates the imagery comes from by week.

The app is available for download on Google Play :

Sentinel-2 NDVI Maps

Sentinel NDVI maps - basemapsentinel-NDVI-maps - layerssentinel-NDVI-maps-true color


* The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is an index of plant “greenness” or photosynthetic activity, and is one of the most commonly used vegetation indices. Vegetation indices are based on the observation that different surfaces reflect different types of light differently.