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How to best prepare the data for managed Sentinel Hub processing?

The requirements are:

  • that data are in cloud optimized geotiff (COG), with each band in a single file.
  • the internal tile size must be equal across all overview levels (including the full resolution source)
  • the projection needs to be one of: WGS84 (EPSG:4326), WebMercator (EPGS:3857), or any UTM zone (EPSG:32601-32660, 32701-32760).

Bands can have different resolutions.

Are my data copied somewhere else?

Sentinel Hub does not keep any copies of your own data. During the process of ingestion, we will read each file once to establish the index. Index will be stored on our side from now on until you decide to remove the data from Sentinel Hub. Whenever a request will come, we will read the relevant parts of the file, in order to provide results, keeping it in the memory. Results are streamed to the user and memory contents are discarded.
In no step of this process is any data stored as a file, not even temporarily.

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