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Which functions can be used in Custom Script?

Description of classes and useful methods

By employing the dynamically interpreted JavaScript language, and providing some specialized functions one can combine the bands of multispectral satellite data in unprecedented ways.

Scripts consist basically of two parts, setup and evaluation.

In setup part the input and output components are defined. For input components the used bands are specified. For output components the resulting array size is specified.

How do I create a custom evaluation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM)?

To avoid problems of negative values in GeoTiff format, we have integrated DEM in a way that:

  • elevation above the sea level is stored as it is (e.g. 0-8.848 meters)
  • elevation bellow sea level is stored from 65535 downward (e.g. "-10 meters" is stored as 65525)

To implement your own visualization, you can write a script along the following ways, e.g. "terrain if sea level rises for 2 meters":

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