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How can I access meta-data information for Sentinel-2 L2A?

Grid of solar zenith angles and grid of solar azimuth angles are accessible by names sunZenithAngles and sunAzimuthAngles, respectively, and can be used in a similar way as band values, e.g.:

  • return [sunAzimuthAngles/50];
  • return [sunZenithAngles/60];

There are also two grids named viewZenithMean and viewAzimuthMean that contains average viewing incidence angles (zenith and azimuth) across all bands and detectors. They can be used as, e.g.:

How can I access data in Landsat 8 Quality Assessment band?

The Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 Quality Assessment (QA) 16-bit band, as defined at, contains unsigned integers that represent bit-packed combinations of surface, atmospheric, and sensor conditions that can affect the overall usefulness of a given pixel.

Designated fill, terrain occlusion and cloud values represent if a condition exists:

- 0 = This condition does not exist
- 1 = This condition exists


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