What kind of atmospheric correction is available?

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We offer two kinds of atmospheric correction options:

  1. "Official” Sen2Cor corrected data - We use ESA-distributed data (globally available since December 13th 2018 and within Europe since September 2016). This is part of the core service.
    For those, who need historic Sen2Cor-corrected data outside of Europe we need to process this additionally, which carries some infrastructure costs (processing, additional storage) - we therefore offer this as an additional service.

    You can choose the Sentinel-2 Level 2A data source in Configuration Utility.

  2. Statistical runtime optimised - available globally without additional charge.

    Statistical runtime optimised atmospheric correction is based on official Sen2Cor. However, to make global processing feasible, we run the process on anchor scenes and then apply the statistical difference to the neighbourhood tiles. This approach approximates the overall atmospheric conditions pretty well, but does not take into account local specifics, e.g. clouds and terrain.

    You can adjust the settings in Configuration Utility under the layer's settings (above).